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    Technology Integration Matrix

    The Technology Integration Matrix (TIM) provides a framework for describing and targeting the use of technology to enhance learning. The TIM incorporates five interdependent characteristics of meaningful learning environments. These characteristics are associated with five levels of technology integration: entry, adoption, adaptation, infusion, and transformation. 


    They may use computers and cell phones, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they understand basic uses, best practices, and safety risks. Teaching digital literacy skills ensures compliance with technology standards and helps prepare students for success in our digital world. Texas mandates that every district has a Tech Apps curriculum. Learning.com’s K-8 complete solution is 100% aligned to the required TA- TEKS, as verified by the Texas Education Agency.
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    Printing Clever Badges

    Clever Badges are perfect for students who have trouble typing or remembering complex passwords- especially younger
    learners. Badges allow students to hold up a physical badge to their device's webcam to get logged in, instead of typing
    in usernames and passwords. Teachers get more time to teach, and students get more time to learn!


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    Online Instructional Materials

    Online textbook access information can be found here.



    Troubleshooting Devices

    Resources for troubleshooting devices can be found here.