• digital textbooks
     course enrollment 

    Access to digital textbooks and online resources for teachers is dependent on a teacher's course schedule found in HISD Connect (PowerSchool). For schedule updates, contact the school registrar.  Please note, it may take up to 72 hours for textbook access to become available.

    In addition, teachers are often required to "Activate Product" for their classes to use digital textbooks. See Courses with Unique Textbook Instructions below for how to activate products for textbooks.  

    unique instructions  

    Courses with unique textbook instructions, particularly Advanced Placement, may have distinct instructions on how to access their respective textbooks. Many textbooks also require a teacher to activate products for their courses. 



    Digital-Adopted Instructional Materials 2023-24 is a comprehensive list displaying all instructional materials adopted by the district. This list is color-coded by subject and organized by school level and contains direct links to digital textbooks or unique instructions.  



    CTE Resources

    CTE course instructional materials and other recommended resources are available below.

    CTE High School Curriculum 2023-2024 

    CTE Middle School Curriculum 2023-2024