The Houston Education Advocacy Representatives (H.E.A.R.)

  • The Houston Education Advocacy Representatives (H.E.A.R.) is a volunteer grassroots group of public education advocates tasked with educating lawmakers about HISD’s local, state, and federal legislative priorities, especially school finance reform.  H.E.A.R. members are parents, business and community leaders, retired educators, and more.  In 2019, H.E.A.R. successfully advocated for much needed revisions to the state's public school finance system.  All supporters of HISD and public education are encouraged to participate on H.E.A.R.
    If you are interested in becoming a member of H.E.A.R., please visit www.houstonisd.org/joinhear.

H.E.A.R. in the News

Contact a state senator

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  • Alvarado, Carol
  • Huffman, Joan
  • Miles, Borris
  • Whitmire, John

Contact a state representative

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  • Allen, Alma
  • Alvarado, Carol
  • Coleman, Garnet
  • Davis, Sarah
  • Dutton, Harold
  • Farrar, Jessica
  • Hernandez, Ana
  • Johnson, Jarvis
  • Murphy, Jim
  • Perez, Mary Ann
  • Thierry, Shawn
  • Thompson, Senfronia
  • Walle, Armando
  • Wu, Gene