Literacy Routines

  • The eight Everyday Excellence literacy routines are designed to be used together regularly in all disciplines. They are simple and flexible enough to be used daily to engage students in reading, writing, listening, speaking, and thinking in every classroom.

  • Get to Know MeGet to Know Me

    Identify and monitor the literacy and language needs of individual students.

  • Let's Talk Let's Talk

    Facilitate a variety of structured academic conversations that enable students to monitor and build understanding.

  • Do I Really Get It? Do I Really Get It?

    Teach students to monitor their comprehension, and check for understanding frequently through structured questions.

  • Be the Lead Reader Be the Lead Reader

    Lead guided reading experiences to ensure students make sense of complex text.

  • Pump Up the Vocab Pump Up the Vocab

    Create opportunities for students to build and apply academic vocabulary daily.

  • Turn the Light On Turn the Light On

    Scaffold direct instruction to increase comprehensible input and meet the literacy and language needs of diverse learners.

  • Huddle Huddle

    Frontload new learning and plan a response to misunderstandings to make learning more accessible to students.

  • Pencil to Paper Pen/cil to Paper

    Structure student opportunities to employ writing to make sense of new learning.