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    Six Houston ISD middle schools have been accepted into Cohort 7 Verizon Innovative Learning, an education initiative of the Verizon Foundation. After a rigorous competitive process, Houston ISD was identified by the Verizon Foundation’s non-profit partner, Digital Promise, as meeting all criteria for participation in Cohort 7. Each VILS partner school will receive an in-kind award of Chromebooks for all students, teachers, and administrators, professional development, and digital instructional resources. Each Chromebook will be equipped with a data plan that provides “always-available” access outside of the classroom. Funds will be provided for a full-time Campus Instructional Technologist dedicated to providing teachers with the pedagogical support to effectively leverage technology in the classroom. The VILS program is for two years, with the possibility of a two year extension in the second year. The program period is from April 1, 2020, to June 30, 2022.

  • Verizon Innovative Learning schools since 2014

    243 Schools in 72 districts in more than 23 states + Washington, DC

    206,356 students served

    12,139 teachers served

    210,000+ devices distributed

    Verizon invests an average of $1.8 million per school

    Verizon Innovative Learning schools is a 1:1, 24/7 program - that provides devices and data plans for each student and teacher to ensure all students have equal access.

    76% of VILs teachers report better student engagement.

    54% of VILs students said technology makes science more interesting

    Selected Schools

    Hartman Middle School

    Edison Middle School

    Fleming Middle School

    Tanglewood Middle School

    Henry Middle School

    Holland Middle School

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