• HISD @HOME Summer 2020  

  • During these next few weeks, elementary, middle, and high school students will have access to project-based learning (PBL) assignments to support their home-based learning. These PBL plans will be available for both core courses (English language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies) and core enrichment courses (fine arts, health, and physical education, and languages other than English), and will cover required state learning standards as defined by the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS).

    In addition, high school students will have access to their HUB master course lessons. These teacher facilitated lessons continue the learning already underway in students’ classes before spring break.

    Beyond the PBL student plans and the HUB master course lessons, students will have online access to Imagine Math, Imagine Language and Literacy, MackinVIA, MyOn (in elementary), and the other HISD library and research web sites.

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