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    Brain Pop Icon


    Brain POP

    Have you ever thought how fun it would be to learn reading, math, science and all kinds of things you learn in school from watching a movie? If you said yes, you’re in the right place. BrainPop! BrainPOP is a super cool app that is made just for students that like to have fun while they learn.
      Grades 4-8


    Brain Pop Jr


    Brain Pop Jr.

    Movies? Fun? A super cool robot that does silly things? What more could you ask for? How about a little learning to go with it? Join Mobi as he takes you on adventures around the globe, teaches you neat tricks and shows you fun stuff that teaches you all while keeping you entertained.
      Grades K-3





    Freckle Juice. Junie B. Jones. Diary of a Wimpy Kid. What if I told you that you could get just about any book you can think of and never have to leave home? If that’s your kind of reading, then you’re in the right place! MackinVIA lets you get books instantly to download and read right from your computer, tablet or smartphone. And the best part, no late fees! If you’re ready to read, MackinVIA is just what the librarian ordered.

    Grades 6-12


    Learning dot com



    Hey you! Yes YOU! Instead of just playing video games, how about learning how they are made? Or building one yourself? Learning.com does just that! You can learn business applications, coding, keyboarding, and programming skills in a plan. Check out the Summer Tech Learning class to become an expert in digital skills!
      Grades K-8





    Get ready for summer reading fun! If you are in grade Pre-K to grade 5, you can log in to MyOn via Digital Resources and enjoy reading or listening to books all summer long! If you are in grades 6 to 12, use click here for log in information. You can read books and news articles!. Grades 6-12 Shared account is available here.
      Grades K-12


    Imagine Math


    Imagine Math

    When you’re learning about math does it sometimes sound like blah blah blah? Does it seem like everyone around you gets it, but you are in the dark? Well walk into the light, no seriously, turn on the light and give Imagine Math a try. You get to learn some of the things you missed and new things you never knew. All at your own pace.
      Grades K-12


    Imagine Language and Literacy Icon


    Imagine Literacy

    Let’s play a game! Here are the rules. Rule 1: Log in to Imagine Literacy and begin. That’s it. That’s your only rule. Once you login to Imagine Literacy the fun begins! You learn new tips, techniques and tools to improve your reading. From vocabulary words to reading activities, it’s non-stop fun on the way to learning.
      Grades K-12