• Reconnect Safely Return Strong

    HISD reopening plan for the 2020-2021 academic year

Learning Option Selection

  • Starting August 24, families will receive a phone call to select either in-person or virtual learning for their child.

    Families with multiple children at the same school will be asked to select one choice, and then will receive a follow-up call to confirm choices for each child.

    Two weeks prior to the first day of in-person learning, calls will be made to confirm initial selection. Families can use this opportunity to consider the latest health data to keep their initial selection or make a new commitment.

    Parents will have the option to change their selection of either in-person or virtual instruction after each six-week grading period through the HISD Connect Parent Portal. The district will communicate to parents when they may change their selection for the next six-week grading period. No action is required if a change is not being made to the current selection. Parents who cannot access the HISD Connect Parent Portal may contact their school to change their selection.

    Parents will be asked to select one of the following options:

    • OPTION 1:
      On-Campus Learning
    • OPTION 2:
      Virtual Learning

    Commitments must last through an entire grading period (six-weeks).