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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I find my Wraparound Resource Specialist?
    To find your Wraparound Resource Specialist click here and select the name of your school. If you do not see your school listed, fill out a Student Assistance Form (SAF) and the designated WRS supporting that campus will reach out to you.
    How can I request services?
    The best way to request any type of assistance through your assigned Wraparound Resource Specialists would be to complete a Student Assistance Form (SAF). Once the assigned Specialist receives your submission they will reach out to you or the student whom the SAF was submitted for.
    What is a Student Assistance Form (SAF)?
    The Student Assistance Form (SAF) is an online referral form that will allow students, parents, family members, teachers, and community partners to submit a notice of concern about a student in need. The Student Assistance Form will begin the process of a Wraparound Specialists reaching out to a student/family to provide information and resources.
    Why should I submit a Student Assistance Form (SAF)?
    Student Assistance Form should be submitted if there is any concern for a student’s non-academic need. The Wraparound Resource Specialists will reach out to the student/family and provide resources for non-academic needs that may be present.
    What if my school doesn’t have Wraparound Services?
    Still submit a SAF (LINK)! All HISD schools have some form of Wraparound Support. Submit the Student Assistance Form and someone from the Wraparound Services Program will assist your request for resources.

Need help?

  • Complete the Student Assistance Form, and a member of the Wraparound Services Team will contact you.

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