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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I find my Wraparound Resource Specialist?
    To find your Wraparound Resource Specialist click here and select the name of your school. If you do not see your school listed, fill out a Student Assistance Form (SAF) and the designated WRS supporting that campus will reach out to you.
    How can I request services?
    The best way to request any type of assistance through your assigned Wraparound Resource Specialists would be to complete a Student Assistance Form (SAF). Once the assigned Specialist receives your submission they will reach out to you or the student whom the SAF was submitted for.
    What is a Student Assistance Form (SAF)?
    The Student Assistance Form (SAF) is an online referral form that will allow students, parents, family members, teachers, and community partners to submit a notice of concern about a student in need. The Student Assistance Form will begin the process of a Wraparound Specialists reaching out to a student/family to provide information and resources.
    Why should I submit a Student Assistance Form (SAF)?
    The Student Assistance Form (SAF) should be submitted if there is any concern for a student’s non-academic need. The Wraparound Resource Specialists will reach out to the student/family and provide resources for non-academic needs that may be present.

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  • Complete the Student Assistance Form (SAF)
    to contact your campus Wraparound Specialist. 
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