• Need assistance updating or adding an address in PowerSchool? Looking for zoned schools related to a particular address? Please review the resources on this page.

  • Address Validation is the process by which a primary address is authenticated. It is determined that the address information is valid, accurate and, identified within the boundaries defined by the PowerSchool administrator for schools. The following are scenarios for address validations:


    • If the address meets the criteria for this verification, the street, city, state, zip code and geocode will be
      updated on the student record. The record will become active when the address is validated.


    • If there is not an address meeting this criterion, a validation exception occurs and the address appears as an exception,
      requiring a transfer. If applicable, select the correct exception reason and submit the request to the Student Transfer department. When the transfer is approved, the student record will become active.


    • If the address is zoned to your campus, and PowerSchool is requiring a transfer, please contact SIS before creating an exception reason.
      The validation will be managed by the SIS Department.


    • If there is a pop-up screen indicating that the address is not viable, please contact SIS for assistance.
      The validation will be managed by the SIS Department.


    Please send your address validation requests to the https://servicedesk.houstonisd.org  with the student's name, ID, and complete address.

    Include any comments that would be helpful, and the Demographics and GIS team and SIS IT member will assist.