Coding as a Second Language- December 2020

  • Learning How to Code!


     Students participating in CSL

    Burbank Middle School students are engaging in a revolutionary program that will teach them how to code, be capable of programing robots, as well as build apps and games. This program is called "CSL" or Code as a Second Language.


    CSL is funded by the Hispanic Heritage Foundation as an initiative to help introduce computer science and technical careers to women and underpriviledged minorities. Through various online platforms students will learn the basics of coding and have access to LOFTnetwork which will connect them with students from all over the United States. 


     Dr Ortiz and students engaged in the program

    CSL is now being implemented as week-long camps which take place virtually through TEAMS for an hour after regular school hours. These CSL camps are part of LANZA, which is a partnership between the Hispanic Heritage Foundation and Nickelodeon. These two fine entities have combined to use the adventures of Nickelodeon TV's new series "The Astronauts" as the inspiration for the coding curriculum in the camps. These coding camps will feature experts from the space science industry who will share their experiences with the students. Participants will also get a first look at Nickelodeon's "The Astronauts" as they work to solve the issues the space travelers encounter.


    At Burbank, Dr. Ortiz's robotics students are participating in the CSL camp during the week of December 7-11, 2020. Some students are meeting in person in room G106 and others are participating virtually. We are sure that our students are going to be energized by this excellent opportunity to learn a new skill while having fun!

     Another view of students participating