Presenting team

Burbank Middle School's robotics team under the sponsorship and direction of Dr. Ortiz, the Eaglebots, participated in the First Lego League "Cargo Connect" tournament last February 2022. The theme of this year's tournament explores how cargo is transported, sorted, and delivered to various destinations. Team members build their robots to complete as many missions as they can within the allotted time. There are 17 missions, some are very easy and some which pose great challenges to complete. 

Building the robot

As teams work towards the completion of various missions on the playing field, they are evaluated not only by the actual robot's performance, but also on teamwork and "gracious professionalism". First Lego League's philosophy of Gracious Professionalism and Cooperation is an essential component of the league and can be achieved through the observance of the Core Values as explained on the First Lego League website:

  • Discovery: We explore new skills and ideas.
  • Innovation: We use creativity and persistence to solve problems.
  • Impact:  We apply what we learn to improve our world.
  • Inclusion: We respect each other and embrace our differences.
  • Teamwork: We are stronger when we work together.
  • Fun: We enjoy and celebrate what we do!

Working on the robot

Another component of the tournament is the presentation of the team's project. Our team worked on solving the issue presented: how cargo delivery can be improved. Our Team Eaglebot thought of developing autonomous vehicles that run on biofuel. They interviewed a professional 18-wheeler driver to seek his input and they created a 3-D model of their proposed vehicle with the help of our technology teacher, Mr. Luviano. They worked on their team-building activities with Ms. Mancillas' help, practicing their presentation and making sure every team member had an opportunity to participate while having lunch in the Escape Room at Edwrad's Marqu-e.

Ms Mancillas with the team

All that hard work paid off handsomely as our team obtained 3rd Place in the Core Values competition. We couldn't be more proud of this very significant achievement and hope to continue improving in the future!

If you'd like to learn more about the First Lego League Tournament, please watch the video below: