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    HISD Professional eLearning

  • HISD Teacher Service Day (No Students)
    October 4, 2021

    Monday, October 4, 2021, is a HISD Teacher Service Day (TSD). The below options are available:

    1. Participate in professional learning virtual courses. Review course catalog and pre-register for selected PD sessions.
      • The course catalog provides a variety of professional development topics to sharpen your skills. The PD session my vary in duration (1-6 hours). PD will be virtual – synchronous or asynchronous.
      • Participation in central courses should be pre-approved by campus leadership to attend.
      • Preregistration in OneSource is required for PD sessions at least 1 hour prior to session start. Links to join online sessions will be included in the OneSource Registration Confirmation email.

        Download the Oct. 4 PD Catalog

    2. This TSD day can be used to complete Reading Academy sessions. Refer to Reading Academy page.
    3. This TSD day can be used as a comp day for campus-based staff that met the training requirement hours and are pre-approved by campus administration. Refer below.

    Comp Time for Campus Staff

    The October 4, 2021, Teacher Service Day is designated for campus-based staff that met the training requirement hours to utilize as a compensation day. Campus-based employees who complete the compliance trainings (refer to 2021 Compliance Courses) and/or minimum of 7.75 PD hours outside duty schedule by September 30, 2021, have the option to comp the time during the October 4th Teacher Service Day with campus leadership approval. 

    • Employees can refer to OneSource Learning to run a learning history report, as needed.
    • Principals or Managers can run a report in OneSourceMe Learning to view PD completions of employees and determine eligibility, as applicable.

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