RISE Key Components

Component Explanation
High-Quality Talent Highly skilled and passionate teachers and leaders with the competencies to accelerate student learning.
  • Staff reapplication and selection based on impact of student growth and mindset alignment (RISE Strong)
  • Financial incentives for staff
  • Continued growth through coaching and professional development
High-Quality Instructional Materials and Research-Based Instructional Strategies Instructional excellence focused on data-driven instruction and early interventions.
  • High-quality instructional materials
  • Effective pedagogy and focus on student engagement
Extended Learning Time After-school tutoring and enrichment opportunities
  • Each student is offered an opportunity to participate in after-school programming to include transportation home.
Student Readiness to Learn Safe and orderly schools conducive to teaching and learning.
  • Emphasis on positive student and adult relationships and explicit SEL instruction and training
  • School culture focused on high expectations, inclusion, and belonging
  • Behavioral Incentives and restorative discipline
Community Reinvestment and Reengagement
  • Ensuring parents and community are partners in school transformation.
  • Facilities will be upgraded.