• Purpose of Funds
    Funding was designated to support the implementation of Campus-Based Tutoring services as required by House Bill (HB) 4545. All Houston ISD students who failed STAAR End-of-Course (EOC) and/or STAAR 3–8 subject tests were required to complete 30 hours of campus-based tutoring per failed subject test. Schools used campus-based tutoring funds to purchase or support payroll (e.g., extra duty pay/overtime), contracted services (e.g., tutoring vendors), and materials/supplies (e.g., textbooks). 

    Dashboard Description
    Campus-Based Tutoring dashboards display campus-level STAAR EOC (all subjects) and STAAR 3–8 (Math and Reading) results for students, requiring supplemental accelerated instruction, from spring 2021 through spring 2022. Students requiring supplemental accelerated instruction were those who failed at least one STAAR EOC/3–8 subject test in spring 2021. Only students who completed a STAAR subject test are displayed in dashboards. Budget data (e.g., funds allocated, percentage of funds spent, dollar amount of funds spent, and funds available), related to Campus-Based Tutoring, are also shown in the bottom right corner of the homepage. A series of secondary pages display STAAR EOC/3–8 results (e.g., number of students tested, percentage of students passed, and average scale scores) disaggregated by ethnicity, gender, grade level (3–8 only), and economically-disadvantaged status.