Parent University

Children in a Classroom
  • Parent Involvement

    Parent University (Parent Leaders Academy) is a research-informed experiential program designed to empower parents with the knowledge and tools necessary to become effective advocates for their children. Parents participate in six workshop sessions that familiarize them with HISD and learn best practices for advocating for their children’s education. Participants are also provided babysitting, transportation, meals, and incentives.

    HISD Parent Leaders Academy

    group of Parent University graduates and staff

    Program Overview:

    • Specific outcome deliverables: 6 in-person sessions
    • Eliminate/Reduce all barriers to participation: Dinner, transportation, babysitting
    • Work with key community members to select and enroll families: Provide additional insights on the information presented
    • Dual-Capacity building framework integrated into the sessions
  • Parent’s Dreams and Aspirations

  • HISD 101

  • HISD 201

  • Challenges to Equity and Quality Education

  • Advocacy/Volunteerism Training

  • Take Action