• Fall Graduation 2023


  • Saturday, January 27, 2024 9:00 AM
    Delmar Fieldhouse
    2020 Mangum Rd, Houston, TX 77092

Graduation Requirements

  • Students who have successfully met all graduation requirements are eligible to participate in the graduation ceremony. For information on HISD Graduation Requirements, please click here.


  • For information regarding photography purchases, please click here.

Student Dress

  • All graduates must wear a cap and gown. Schools will contact parents of graduating seniors to provide more information on ordering their cap and gown.


  • Punctuality to your graduation ceremony is vital.  Seniors arriving late to the commencement exercises after the ceremony has begun, will be in jeopardy of not participating in the processional, walking the stage and/ or hearing their name called.  To ensure promptness, students are expected to arrive at least an hour before the commencement exercise begins.  


  • All seniors who will participate in the fall graduation ceremony may contact Herff Jones Graduation Center at 713-864-6464 or e-mail their order to office@hjgradcenter.com, for a cap and gown.  Students will not be allowed to wear additional regalia not provided by the graduation vendor. Additionally, students must be appropriately dressed, such as school attire, when arriving to the graduation site. Shorts are prohibited.  The cost of the cap and gown is payable in cash, credit card or money order and are keepsakes for the graduate. Herff Jones will also be at the graduation site for last-minute orders. 


  • Graduation inspires students and celebrates their accomplishments.  Earning a high school diploma culminates a student’s high school career and is the ultimate goal of both parents and students. 

    Students and their parents who elect to participate in this formal occasion, must be aware of and adhere to the criteria listed below. These guidelines are the result of concerted efforts by students, parents, teachers, administrators, and the Board of Managers to help ensure a dignified ceremony for all in attendance. We believe these guidelines are reasonable and MUST be followed by all participants. 

    • Students will not be permitted to bring or have electronic devices.  All devices will be confiscated at the door and held until the end of the ceremony. 
    • Any student or patron in possession of fireworks, or anything which could be used to disrupt the ceremony will be excluded from participation. 
    • Anyone exhibiting disruptive behavior during the ceremony will be removed.  This includes: 
      • any acrobatic antic 
      • expression by signs that demean dignity of the graduation ceremony 
      • throwing of any object by patron or graduate 
      • any obscene gesture 
      • use of foul or abusive language 
      • language that urges public disorder 
      • smoking 
      • playing with toys, etc. 
      • refusing to obey police or school officials 
      • any activity deemed to be disruptive by police or school officials.   
    • Security from HPD, HISD, and District Staff will be on duty.  In the event a student is disruptive, he/she will be escorted from the building.  Any misbehavior such as dancing during processional or on stage, intoxication, or abusive language, will result in removal from the ceremony.  
    • Small purses are recommended. 
    • No noise makers, flowers, or balloons allowed. 


  • In keeping with HISD’s core value of student safety, all graduates and guests will be screened using metal detectors and/or security wands, and bag checks at the venue entrances. Although there is not a clear bag policy for graduations, bags will be checked. To expedite movement of guests through the lines to enter the facilities, we highly encourage guests to consider not carrying a bag, carry a clear bag, or carry a small-sized bag.

    HISD Police, in partnership with other law enforcement, will be on-hand for safety and traffic control during the graduation ceremony. Guests are not allowed to bring weapons, including pocketknives, to the graduation venue. Other items such as balloons, signs, noise makers, flowers, and outside food will not be allowed in the venue. Guests can bring a clear water bottle as applicable for health needs. First Aid stations will be onsite for emergencies.

  • Questions? For additional questions about graduation, please contact your campus.