Are You Ready? Preparing Your Family for Natural Disasters and Other Emergencies

  • Are you ready?
    Click the image above to visit the Ready Houston website.

    No one likes to think about disasters, but they happen here just like in every other part of the world. The question is—are you prepared to survive them?

    By planning ahead, you can make sure your family is in the best possible position to weather the worst, whether it’s a natural disaster like a tropical storm, flood, or hurricane or another type of emergency situation, such as a chemical leak, explosion, or fire.

    Visit the City of Houston’s Ready Houston website for more information about specific steps you can take to get ready.

    Resources there include:

    • links to weather news sites, federal agencies, and other helpful partners
    • disaster preparedness videos in four languages (English, Spanish, Vietnamese, and Chinese)
    • hurricane readiness information for people with special needs
    • a free 15-minute DVD (orderable by mail), detailing how to respond to and recover from the effects of any disaster

    A free, downloadable booklet (designed for children to complete with their families) is also available in both English (.pdf) and Spanish (.pdf).