Program Evaluations

  • Program Evaluations

    All Program Evaluations are in Adobe© .pdf and require Adobe Reader  to view and print.

    Program Evaluations supports federal, state, and locally funded educational programs in  HISD by providing timely and useful planning, research, and evaluation information. Formative and summative evaluation reports are produced regarding: 
    • Curriculum
    • Federal and State Programs
    • Federal Title Programs
    • Gifted and Talented
    • Magnet Programs
    • Multilingual Education
    • Special Education Programs

    Evaluations are conducted to comply with state and federal funding and program guidelines and to provide district and school administrators with timely reports of successful practices and strategies to support the school improvement process. Bureau staff provide guidance and expertise in the development of innovative research and survey tools. Reports are distributed to schools, the regional offices, the Superintendent, and Board members. Guidance is provided in understanding, interpreting and applying this information to improve instructional programs.

Research Briefs Spring 2013-2014 and Fall 2014-2015

Research Briefs Summer 2011-12 and Fall 2012-2013

Fall - Winter 2008