• July 25, 2010

    Special Education Teacher Positions 

    MYTH: The quality and level of services for Special Education students will be reduced because the district is cutting over 100 Special Education teacher positions.

    FACTS: In recent years, the number of children receiving Special Education services has decreased by approximately 4,500. During this same time, the number of Special Education teachers in HISD has not decreased and has grown slightly to over 1,000 teachers. After careful study, the district determined that the number of positions can be reduced and still remain well within the staffing guidelines adopted by the Board of Education. No Special Education student will have the level or quality of services reduced or will be placed in a general-education classroom to accommodate these staffing adjustments. Special Education class sizes will remain well under district maximum standards and students will receive services according to their Individualized Education Program (IEP). All of the affected teachers will have jobs in HISD next year without a reduction in salary or benefits. By notifying these teachers now, we are affording them opportunities to fill existing vacancies for which they are certified.