Curriculum and Professional Development

  • The State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness, or STAAR, replaced the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS) program in spring 2012. The implementation of STAAR in the Houston Independent School District is overseen by the Curriculum Department which provides relevant, aligned curricula, academic and instructional leadership, and professional development opportunities that support teachers, administrators, and parents.

    All evaluations are in Adobe PDF format. You can download the free Adobe Reader by clicking here.

    The following is a list of program evaluations regarding various areas in Curriculum and Professional Development conducted by the Department of Research and Accountability:

    Curriculum Evaluations 2021 2020 2019  2018 2017  2016   2015  2014  2013 2012 2011 2010 2009
    Career and Technical Education      CTE Report 2018-2019 2017-2018 Career and Technical Education Report                  
    Teach For America          2016-2017 Teach For America Report          
    Dual Credit Report     2019 Dual Credit Report  2017-2018 Dual Credit Report  2016-2017 Dual Credit Report          
    Assistant Principal Leadership Program             AP        
    Academic Parent Teacher Teams         2016-2017 Academic Parent Teacher Teams   2015-2016 Academic Parent Teacher Teams    APTT      
    Impact Of ABYDOS On Writing Performance               PDF      
    Baylor College Summer Institute              PDF PDF   PDF      
    Teacher Development Specialist  Program Evaluation  


              PDF PDF    PDF      
    APEX Credit Recovery Initiative Report       Apex Learning Online Instruction, 2018-2019 Apex Learning Online Instruction, 2017-2018         PDF    PDF PDF PDF PDF  
    A New Digital Energy Brief              PDF PDF   PDF PDF PDF    
    Writer's Workshop: Its effects on Fourth Grade Students         Writer's Workshop, 2015-2016                  
    To Educate All Children(TEACH)      2019-2020 TEACH Report  2017-2018 To Educate All Children(TEACH)  2016-2017 T.E.A.C.H 2015-2016 TO EDUCATE ALL CHILDREN (TEACH)              
    Head Start Collaborative Partnership Program   Houston ISD and Head Start Collaborative Programs Data Report, 2020–2021      2016-2017 Kindergarteners Previously In HeadStart & HISD Kindergarten 2015-2016 Kindergarteners Previously In HISD and HeadStart   PDF   PDF    PDF PDF      
    Effects of HISD PreKindergarten on Kindergarten Performance        2017-2018 Longitudinal Study of Effects of PreK on Kindergarten  2016-2017 Effects HISD PreK on Kinder Achievement  201-2016 HISD Pre-K Effects On Kindergarten  PDF PDF    PDF   PDF    
    Comparison of 3rd Graders Academic Performance Previously In HISD & Head Start Pre-K Programs           2015-2016 Comparison 3rd Graders Academic Achievement                
    HISD Pre-K Effect on  3rd Grade Academic Performance         2016-2017 Effects of PreK on 3rd Grade Achievement    2015-2016 HISD Pre-K Effects on 3rd Grade Students Achievements 2015 HISD Pre K Longitudinal Effect            
    Longitudinal Data Study of AVANCE Students' Academic Achievement in HISD           2015-2016 AVANCE Program Evaluation Longititudinal Study 2014-2015   PDF   PDF    
    Promotion Standards Summer School Education Program 2020-2021 Summer School Education Program   2019-2020 Summer School Education Program   2018-2019 Summer School Education Program    2017-2018 Summer School Education Program  2016-2017 Summer School Education Program  2015-2016 Summer School 2015 Summer School Report   2014 Summer School Education Program   PDF   2012 Summer School Program PDF PDF PDF
    Performance Comparison Of Early Childhood Centers & School Based Programs Evaluation ECC Evaluation Report 2020-2021  pdf    pdf 2016-2017 Effects of PreK on ECC and Schl Based Programs   2015-2016 Comparison of ECC Enrollment on Pre K Students  


    PDF   PDF  Usage and Impact on Reading and English Performance Usage and Impact on Reading and English Performance                  
    Relationship Between Implementation Fidelity of Imagine Math and HISD Secondary Students' Educational Achievement     Imagine Math 2018-2019                    
    Literacy Now Evaluation   Literacy Now 2020