Federal Title Programs

  • Federal Title Programs support schools in the Houston Independent School District by providing opportunities for all children to acquire the knowledge and skills specified in challenging state content and performance standards; supplementing academic, health, and social services; promoting school wide reform; increasing staff development opportunities; distributing resources to regions and campuses where needs are the greatest; affording parents meaningful opportunities to participate in their children's education; and aligning the schools' instructional efforts with those of the state and school district.

    All evaluations are in Adobe PDF format. You can download the free Adobe Reader by clicking here.The following is a list of program evaluations regarding Federal Title Programs conducted by the Department of Research and Accountability:

    Title Programs 2019 2018  2017 2016   2015  2014  2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007
    Parent Engagement Representatives (PERS)                           2016-2017 Parent Engagement Representatives (PERS) Program   2015-2016 Parent Engagement                    
    Houston Urban Debate League                 PDF PDF      
    State Compensatory Education Report pdf   2017-2018 State Compensatory Education Report 2016-2017 State Compensatory Education Report    2015-2016 Compensatory Education Report  2014-2015 State Comp. Ed. Report PDF STATE COMPENSATORY EDUCATION REPORT PDF PDF PDF PDF PDF PDF
    Title V, Part A Innovative Programs                 PDF   PDF PDF PDF
    Title I - Parental Involvement    PDF 2016-2017 Title I Parental Involvement    2015-2016 Title 1 Part A Parent Involvement  Title I Parental Involvement  PDF PDF   PDF PDF PDF PDF PDF PDF
    Title I - Supplemental Education Service             PDF   PDF PDF PDF PDF PDF  
    Title I - Student Achievement pdf    2016-2017 Title 1 Student Achievement  2015-2016 Title I Student Achievement 2015 Title I Student Achievement    PDF PDF   PDF PDF PDF PDF PDF PDF
    Title I Part A & Title II Part A - Centralized Programs 2019 Title I Title II Centralized Programs   Title I, Part A, Title II, Part A Centralized Programs    2016-2017 Title I Part A and Title II Part A 2015-2016 Title I Centralized Programs   2014-2015 Titel I Part A Centralized Programs   PDF   2012-2013 Title I, Title II Part A PDF PDF PDF PDF    
    Title I, Part A-Stimulus, Renzulli Learning System Report                 PDF PDF      
    Title I, Part A-Stimulus, SureScore Duke TIP Report                 PDF PDF      
    Title I, Part A Private Nonprofit Schools
     pdf   2016-2017 Title I Part A Private Nonprofit Schools   2015-2016 Title 1 Part A Non-Profit Schools    2015 Title I, Part A Nonprofit Schools