Life Safety Systems and Technology

  • Life Safety Systems and Technology is a group of dedicated employees who watchAlarm Communications Office over our schools continually, 24/7. 


    It is the Life Safety Systems and Technology team that manages 19 crafts to provide the physical security of students. There are seven areas: Fire & Safety systems: fire alarms, code violations, extinguishers, system fitness, and life safety areas; Cameras: security, cable, and supporting software; Locks and keys; Card Access; Burglar alarms; Intercoms and Sound systems: bells, clocks, and  radio devices; and Contracted Services that cover installations and other information technology access.

    Q:  How can a school request additional burglar alarm coverage?   Who's responsible for the funding?
    A:  Contact the Alarm Communications Department by calling (713) 671-1750 to request additional burglar alarm coverage.  The requestor is responsible for funding.

    Q:  We want a digital camera (CCTV) system; how much does this cost?  Who will design, install and maintain it?
    A:  Estimated cost is $28,000 per 16-camera system, parts and labor included.  Telecommunications Security Services will assist in the design and project management.  All systems installed by Telecommunications Security Services will be maintained by Telecommunications.


    Q:  Whom do we call for burglar or fire alarm service?
    A:  To report burglar/fire alarm problems 24/7,
    please contact Customer Care Center at (713) 556-9400.

    Security Reports
    Q:  Does the Alarm Communication  Department provide Security Reports?
    A:  Yes.  They are provided to schools and facilities. To ensure the security and integrity of such crucial information, only the school Principal can approve a Security Report request
    Contact the Alarm Communications Department at (713) 671-1750 to request a Security Report.   Please have the following information in order to process the requested report:
    •  Requestor's Name
    •  School or Facility Name
    •  Telephone Number
    •  Report Type and Date Range