• Multilingual Programs in the Houston Independent Schools District provide support to school personnel to meet the needs of students with limited English proficiency (LEP) or migrant or immigrant status. 

    All evaluations are in Adobe PDF format. You can download the free Adobe Reader by clicking here.

    The following is a list of program evaluations regarding Multilingual Programs conducted by the Department of Research and Accountability:


    Multilingual Programs 2018 2017  2016  2015  2014   2013  2012 2011 2010 2009 2008
    Bilingual & English as 2nd Language 2017-2018 BIL and English As A Second Language  2016-2017 BIL and English As A Second Language 2016 Bilingual and English as a Second Language    PDF  PDF  PDF   PDF PDF PDF PDF PDF
    Newcomer Immigrant Program Evaluation    2016-2017  2015-2016 Newcomer Immigrant Program Evaluation                 
    Everyday Excellence Institute Evaluation Report         PDF   PDF  

    Cultural Heritage Bilingual Program    2016-2017 CHBP Program Report   2016 Cultural Heritage Report    PDF PDF    PDF PDF   PDF      
    Dual Language Program 2017-2018 Dual Language Program    2016-2017 Dual Language Program 2015-2016 Dual Language Program Evaluation   2015 Dual Language Report   PDF    PDF   PDF PDF PDF PDF PDF
    Sheltered Instruction and Literacy Development Evaluation Report              PDF          
    ESL Student Performance  2017-2018 ESL Student Performance Report   2016-2017 ESL Student Performance Report    2016 ESL Student Performance Report  PDF PDF    PDF  PDF   PDF PDF PDF  
    Family Leader Institute Program-Report                   PDF PDF PDF
    The Familiy Institute-Brief                     PDF
    Migrant Education Program   2017-2018 Migrant Education Program Report  2016-2017 Migrant 2015-2016 Migrant   PDF PDF    PDF PDF   PDF PDF PDF PDF
    Pre-Exit ELL Student Performance TAKS/STAAR/STANFORD 2017-2018 Pre-Exit ELL Student Performance Report    2016-2017 Pre-Exit ELL Student Performance Report  2016 Pre Exit LEP Evaluation Report  PDF pdf  PDF PDF PDF PDF PDF PDF
    Secondary ESL Academic Coaches Evaluaton Report                 PDF    
    SIOP Professional Development Report                PDF PDF