• Dr. Linda Velasquez WINS (Finalist in) H.E.B.
    Excellence in Teaching
    Lifetime Achievement Award



    Dr. Velasquez is pictured holding the symbol of her award. She won the Lifetime Achievement Award from the H.E.B. Excellence in Education Awards Program which was held at Austin's Hilton Hotel on May 3, 2013. Dr. Velasquez received a monetary award of $25,000. Burbank Middle School will also receive a grant of an equal amount as part of her award. In the Principal Category, two other HISD schools also received awards: Principal Mike Walker from Fondren Elementary and Principal Dr. Scott Allen from HSPVA. 


    Here is the original background story:

     After leading the 26th Annual Cinco de Mayo celebration at Burbank Middle School the night before, Dr. Linda Velasquez left town early in the morning of May 1, 2013 for Austin, Texas. She was on her way to participate in the final competition for the H.E.B. Excellence in Teaching Lifetime Achievement  Since 2010, H.E.B. has been celebrating "public school professionals whose leadership and dedication inspire a love of learning in students of all backgrounds and abilities".H.E.B. has organized their program into three categories and two subdivisions, elementary and secondary. The Rising Star category is for teachers with less than ten years' experience. The Leadership Award would be given to a deserving teacher with ten to twenty years of experience. Finally, the Lifetime Achievement award will be given for achievement over more than twenty years of excellent work.
    There are five finalists in each subdivision of each category. In her category, Lifetime Achievement Secondary, Dr. Velasquez is representing Houston. Her fellow finalists come from Austin, Midlothian, Corpus Christi, and San Antonio. Each of the finalists received a check for $1,000. Here are some pictures of the H.E.B. visit to Burbank to deliver Dr. Velasquez's $1,000 check and the notification of her finalist status. 
    Dr. Velasquez, as she was being interviewed by H.E.B.
    Here she is, posing with Mr. Knittle and some students from one of her AP Spanish classes,
    with a mock-up of her $1,000 check from H.E.B.
    The Lifetime Achievement Award will be given in Austin, TX, on Friday, May 3, 2013. The winner will receive a $25,000 cash prize plus a $25,000 grant for their school
    At Burbank Middle School, we already know that we have a treasure in Dr. Velasquez. We are absolutely delighted that she is receiving this national recognition for her outstanding work ethics, expertise and dedication to her craft. The entire Burbank Eagle Family is proud of her and hope she wins!