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  • HoustonISD.org provides public information to the Internet community and therefore frequently uses links to other Web sites outside of HISD that may be of interest and benefit to users. While these Web sites have been researched for content and appropriateness, they do not belong to HISD. While HISD makes every effort to monitor HoustonISD.org Web site, we do not have control over our linked Web sites and therefore cannot be held responsible for change of content or appropriateness. HISD makes no representation or warranties, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy of any of the material located on the linked sites. Visitors and employees logging on to our Web site should restrict their searches to directly linked sites for specific business or educational purposes only.

    Legal Notices:

    Equal Employment Opportunity: Employees of the Houston Independent School District shall not discriminate on the basis of, or engage in harassment motivated by: age, race, color, ancestry, national origin, sex, handicap or disability, marital status, religion, veteran status, political affiliation, sexual orientation, gender identity, and/or gender expression. A substantiated charge of harassment against a student or employee shall result in disciplinary action.
    HISD does not discriminate on the basis of disability or sex and complies with the provisions of Section 504 of the Rehabilitation ActTitle II of the Americans with Disabilities Act, and Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972.

    • Section 504 contactAngie Maxey, Houston ISD, Interventions Office, Dyslexia Department, 812 W 28th Street, Houston, TX 77008, Telephone: 713-556-1908
    • Americans with Disabilities Act contacts:
      • Public—1100 Roy, Houston, TX 77007 (713-426-8320)
      • Students—Shannon Verrett Ph.D., 4400 West 18th Street, Houston, TX 77092-8501 (713-556-7025)
      • Employees—EEO Office, 4400 West 18th Street, Houston, TX 77092-8501 (713-556-7333)
    • Title IX contact: Kaneetra Bass, 4400 West 18th Street, Level 1SE, Houston, TX 77092-8501 (713-556-6023)
    • Equal Access to Career and Technical Education Programs (EnglishArabicSpanishVietnamese)

    Texas Public Information Act

    (English, Spanish, Vietnamese): HISD maintains a wide variety of documents relating to its statistical composition, operation, employees, and students. Individuals and organizations may seek information regarding the district using a public-information (open-records) request via the HISD Public Information Office, 4400 West 18th Street, Houston, TX 77092-8501. Telephone: 713-556-6060. 

    Acceptable Use Forms (the forms listed below are PDF)
    • Acceptable Use Policy for Electronic Services for Students (Download from the Frequently Requested Forms website)
    • Opt-Out Form for Student Use of the Houston Independent School District's Internet and/or Student E-mail (EnglishSpanishVietnamese)