Wraparound Resource Specialist

  • Wraparound Resource Specialists

    Beginning with the 2017-2018 school year, HISD put in place an inaugural cohort of Wrapraound Resources Specialists at more than 20 campuses throughout the district. Those student advocates have been involved in daily comprehensive student and family needs assessments. They also began leveraging student data in order to develop action plans that meet the unique needs of their respective school communities. Today, there are nearly one hundred Specialists in every section of the district who are dedicated to the building of community relationships. They develop and manage partnerships with local service providers and connect students to needed services. Over the next several years each campus will welcome its own Specialist to assist in supporting students with non-academic needs.

    See or hear something? SAF something!

    Submitting a SAF (Student Assistance Form) is the quickest way to call your campus Wraparound Resource Specialist into action. Use the following link to inform your WRS about a student in need.