Superintendent Millard House II

100-Day Report

  • Dear HISD Community,

    Millard House II

    After 100 days as superintendent of HISD, I want to share what we have collectively accomplished, what I’ve heard and learned from engaging with the community, and what we will focus on immediately and over the years to come to make HISD a district that provides all its students with an exceptional education. 

    I joined HISD knowing that while many amazing things are happening in the district, there are areas where we can and must do better for our students and families. As a former athlete, I have an inherent desire to want to win, and that desire holds true in my current role. I want to work with the HISD team – parents, staff, and community – to ensure that our students win by receiving the academic and social and emotional supports that they need to thrive and become college and career ready.

    Over the last three months, I have focused my efforts on understanding the current state of the district and what the community desires us to become through a wide range of listening and learning activities. In addition, I have also worked with my team to take immediate action on critical items such as student safety, learning loss, and student engagement.

    This report will begin by highlighting what we have already been able to accomplish as a team. It will then summarize what I have heard and learned about the district through deep engagement with students, parents, staff, and the community. Lastly, it will highlight the critical district priorities I have developed through such engagement that will serve as the cornerstone for all our efforts moving forward.

    Listening and learning was just the first step on the path to an exciting future ahead for HISD. I am committed to transparency and being accessible every step of the way. I look forward to working with the community and Team HISD over the next few months to develop a five-year strategic plan that I will share publicly by March 2022. The plan will outline the bold and innovative actions that we will take to significantly improve outcomes and expand opportunities for our students.

    The challenges we face are real, but the opportunities ahead are extraordinary. I look forward to everything we will accomplish together.


    House signature

    Millard House II
    HISD Superintendent


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