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    Making the Most of a College Visit 
    It’s never too early to start looking at colleges. Strolling the grandeur of the century-old Rice University campus in Houston, or gazing up at the University of Texas Tower, or standing in the shadow of the monument that is Texas A&M’s Kyle Field can make an indelible impression on a youngster of any age.
    By high school, you should consider setting up formal visits at schools of particular interest – talking to counselors, students, and visiting facilities such as dormitories, labs in your field of interest, and athletic facilities, if you think you’ll be playing sports. Click on these resources to help you plan and get the most out of your college visits.
    Texas College Freshman Admission Requirements
    Below is a resource guide created by HISD College Readiness staff to be utilized in guiding you in your search when considering in-state colleges. This allows you to research the entrance exam score requirements by school as well as criteria  as it relates to application and financial aid deadlines. One great piece to consider is the column which highlights free tuition requirements by school. HISD understands the extensive process our students go through in selecting their college. The more informed our students and their families are, the most qualified decisions will be made early on.
     TX College Admission Guide
    College and Transfer Guides