Impact of Student Advising & College Exposure Visit to HBU

  • After becoming an Ignite Scholar, Sharpstown student, Alisha has stopped by the college center every day to say hi to all of the advisers and see what programs Discover U has to offer. Despite frequenting the center, Alisha was the only Ignite Scholar that did not have a solid plan for postsecondary education/training. She insisted that she wanted to work at her aunt’s daycare and that was about it. I invited her on our HBU field trip, because she had never visited a college campus before. We toured the campus, we learned about admissions, the students sat in on an hour lecture, they attended a one hour student convocation and a student Q&A panel, AND they were treated to Chick Fil A. After the day was over, I asked Alisha what she thought. She told me that she had learned that she could major in Childhood Development and she said, “I want to go college now. I want go here someday. This campus is for me.” It was rewarding to see some immediate fruits of our labor. From here, now we can find a postsecondary pathway that works for her to achieve that end goal of graduating from HBU with a BA in Childhood Development.