• Donation Policies & Procedures

    HISD has policies and procedures in place to regulate and provide guidance for all phases of the donation process. For additional questions, please contact the HISD Grant Development Department at GrantDevelopment@houstonisd.org.

    For interested individuals and organizations that would like to make a donation to HISD schools and departments, please note that two forms—Donation Intent Form and Donation Letter Form—are needed to accompany any donation to expeditiously process the donation and direct the funds to the intended recipient within HISD.

    To donate by check, please address your donation check to Houston Independent School District and mail it to:

    Houston Independent School District
    Attention: Grant Development Department
    4400 West 18th Street
    Houston, Texas 77092

    Along with your donation check, please attach the Donation Intent Form and Donation Letter Form. Have any questions about the donation process in HISD? Please contact the Grant Development Department, at GrantDevelopment@houstonisd.org for information or assistance about making a donation to HISD schools and departments.