HISD Grant Policies & Procedures

  • The HISD Grant Development Department seeks to provide high-quality support and assistance to Houston Independent School District grant-seekers to maximize the amount of funding available to support all phases of the educational process. HISD has policies and procedures in place to regulate and provide guidance for all phases of the grant process. The policies apply to the grant development process, applications and proposals, review committee, and monitoring. For additional questions, please contact the HISD Grant Development Department.


  • <strong>Process Special Revenue Funds</strong>

    Process Special Revenue Funds

    The Grant Development Department obtains funding from governmental agencies (e.g., Texas Education Agency, United States Department of Education, and Temporary Assistance to Needy Families), companies (e.g., AMOCO, AT&T, and Toshiba), and organizations and foundations (e.g., the Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy and the Captain Planet Foundation) for various educational projects. Grants are awarded monthly, quarterly, and annually. Grant Development assists in the application process as listed in the General Guidelines for Grant Applicants, and Budgeting and Financial Planning assists in setting up the budget as listed in the Understanding the Budget Coding Process booklet.

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  • <strong>Grant Applications and Proposals</strong>

    Grant Applications and Proposals

    The Grant Development Department assists schools, departments, and the District to obtain competitive funding from governmental agencies, private companies, organizations, and foundations for various educational programs. The grants are used to achieve the District’s objectives and goals. Competitive grants require schools and departments to submit applications or proposals to obtain funding.

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  • <strong>Grant Review Committee</strong>

    Grant Review Committee

    The Grant Review Committee reviews pending grant applications before submission to funding agencies. The committee reviews applications for clarity and compliance with District Board policy and administrative procedures, grant guidelines, and applicable state and federal regulations.

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  • <strong>Grant Monitoring Process</strong>

    Grant Monitoring Process

    After the Board of Education accepts grant funding from governmental agencies, private companies, organizations, and foundations for various educational programs or projects, the funds must be submitted through Budgeting and Financial Planning. Special Revenue Funds Budgeting creates the budget for each program or project according to the amount and regulations of the grant awarded. The grantee (i.e., program or project director) is responsible for supervising the execution of the grant and monitoring expenditures to prevent any possible misuse of funds and for compliance with state and federal guidelines, as applicable.

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