Is your child enrolled in a Private school?

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    • In Texas, home-schooled students are considered private school students.
    • Students who attend private schools located within Houston ISD are eligible for referral, evaluation and of eligibility for special education regardless of the child’s district of residence. 
    • For students presently attending a private school, the referral source should request an evaluation through the Office of Special Education Services (OSES) by submitting the Evaluation Request for Students Parentally Placed in Private Schools.
    • The private school liaison will convene an Intervention Assistance Team (IAT) to consider your request and respond to you within 15-school days.
    • Data supporting your request will be considered by the committee during the IAT meeting.
    • If the IAT proposes to conduct an initial evaluation, an evaluation case manager will ask you to formally consent to the evaluation.
    • If the IAT refuses the request for an initial evaluation, you will receive an explanation of why the IAT refused to conduct an initial evaluation, information that was used as the basis of the decision, as well as a copy of the Notice of Procedural Safeguards and Prior Written Notice of Refusdetermination all to Evaluate.

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