• Students with disabilities transition throughout their school careers-from grade to grade, from early childhood programs to elementary school, elementary to middle school, middle to high school, or high school to college and employment. Transition is a coordinated set of activities that includes instruction, related services, community experiences, development of employment and other post-school adult living objectives, and when appropriate, acquisition of daily living skills and functional vocational evaluation.


    Transition in the IEP 

    Transition happens many times in your child’s life.  It happens any time your child moves from one stage of life to the next.  When it comes to the IEP, however, “transition” addresses a specific life stage and puts a plan in place for how your child will make that move.  Transition in the IEP helps your child move from public school to post graduation and adult life.  

    Texas Project First


    The Texas Transition and Employment Guide

    The Texas Transition and Employment Guide is a guide developed by the Texas Education Agency that provides parents and students with meaningful transition information.

    Texas Transition and Employment Guide - English

    Guía de transición y empleo de Texas - Spanish

    Texas Transition and Employment Guide - Chinese

    Texas Transition and Employment Guide - Korean

    Texas Transition and Employment Guide - Vietnamese


    Transition Programs


    Within HISD we have five campus-based 18+ programs. These programs are located on the High School Campuses of DeBakey, Jones Futures Academy, Sam Houston Math and Science, Sharpstown International and Wheatley High School. These programs focus on employability and daily living skills for students with cognitive disabilities ranging in age from 18-22.


    Community Based and Project Search Programs

    Within HISD we have 4 Community Based transition programs. These programs include HCC Transition Houston Foodbank, Project Search at Dow Chemical and Project Search at Texas Children’s Health Plan. More information on these programs can be obtained from the links below.

    Community Based Programs

    Project Search


    Plan Your Path

    A focused and successful high school path is the road to future success in higher education, workforce training, and career. Learn about House Bill 5, Recommended Graduation Plans and Endorsements below.

    House Bill 5

Transition Coach

Transition Coach School
Mionell Diamond Austin HS, Baylor College of Medicine Biotech Academy at Rusk, Chrysalis MS, East Early College HS, Eastwood Academy HS, Edison MS, Furr HS, High School for Law and Justice (HSLJ), Holland MS, Marshall MS, Middle College HS - Fraga
Joyce Hobbs Black MS, Burbank MS, Harper DAEP, Scarborough HS, SOAR Center, Waltrip HS
Millie Perez Bellaire HS, Energized MS, JJAEP, Meyerland MS, Middle College HS - Gulfton, Pin Oak MS, TCAH
Gilberto Castillo Chavez HS, Hartman MS, Mount Carmel Acad HS, Sterling HS, Thomas MS
Shannon Hill Forest Brook MS, Kashmere HS, Key MS, Henry MS, North Forest HS
Kay B. Randolph Baylor College MS, Cullen MS, Deady MS, Energy Institute HS, Milby HS, Yates HS
Chanise Catley Attucks MS, Jones HS, Lawson MS, Madison HS, South Early College HS, Worthing HS
Casey Preston Fonville MS, High School Ahead Academy HS, Houston MSTC HS, North Houston Early College HS, Washington HS, Williams MS
Marcus Lewis Alternative/SOAR, Community Services, Forest Brook MS, Kashmere HS, Key MS, North Forest HS
Carla Samuel (HCC Transition) HCC Lifeskills, Kinder HSPVA, Secondary DAEP, Leland YMCPA
Sandra Walton Carnegie HS, Fleming MS Gregory-Lincoln PK-8, Hamilton MS, Heights HS, Hogg MS, Rice School PK-8, Wharton K-8, Wheatley HS,
Vivan Schwehm Challenge EC HS, DeBakey HS, HAIS HS, Lamar HS, Lanier MS, McReynolds MS, Northside High, Pershing MS, YWCPA


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