• How Can We Help You?

    The staff at your student’s school and at the district office are always available to help you in safeguarding your student receives the proper supports and services.

    If you have questions about the special education process or difficulties communicating with your child’s school and need additional help, our office has five Special Education Parent Liaisons to assist you.

    The parent liaisons exist to address individual concerns about services and act as guides for anyone attempting to understand and navigate various special education or school district guidelines and procedures.

    HISD Special Education Parent Liaisons are available as a resource to parents in special education matters and serves as impartial supporter for a fair process. The Individuals With Disabilities Education Act ensures that all children with disabilities have access to a free and appropriate public education, and we are here to help you to help your child.

    How Parent Liaisons Support Parents

    • Supports parents in achieving a timely an effective resolution to their concern. 
    • Initiates and responds to parent phone calls, emails, and written correspondence related to parent involvement, school services, and/or supporting students with disabilities.
    • Provides information to parents about the district’s procedures and instructional programs.
    • Assists parents with the understanding of IDEA and parental rights and responsibilities.
    • Helps parents who may need support or resolution concerning the IEP processes.
    • Link parents and families to community resources.
    • Coordinates academic-based learning opportunities/workshops for parents at flexible times.
    • Supports individual schools in building strategies to increase and strengthen parent involvement.

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