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  • District  initiatives
    HISD is leading the way among urban school districts with innovative initiatives
  • Literacy for Life
    K-12 literacy program that emphasizes reading and writing across all subject areas. All of the elements of literacy — speaking, listening, reading, writing, and comprehension — are supported by centrally provided resources and a robust districtwide curriculum.
    Connects high-performing students from underserved backgrounds to top- tier institutions that will offer them the least financial burden and the greatest support. The program provides students and families with knowledge and access to opportunities to empower them to make the most informed decisions and reach their full potential.
    Achieve 180
    Research-based action plan to support, strengthen, and empower underserved and underperforming HISD feeder pattern communities to increase student achievement. Pillars of the plan include di erentiated support for teachers, social and emotional support for students, and family and community empowerment.
    Every Community Every School
    Comprehensive initiative to connect schools to non-academic supports and wraparound services. When provided in tandem with strong academics and high- quality teaching, schools can truly meet the needs of the whole child.
  • Power Up
    Nationally recognized, districtwide initiative aimed at transforming teaching and learning through the use of technology to create a personalized learning environment for today’s 21st century learners. All students have access to an online learning platform, and all high school students are provided with a laptop to use at school and at home.
    Linked Learning
    Educational approach that combines rigorous academics with hands-on learning and the opportunity to apply classroom knowledge to real-world experiences. Business, medical, energy, and manufacturing companies across Houston provide students with work-based experiences and teacher externships during the summer.
    Futures Academy
    Gives students an opportunity to earn an associate degree and valuable industry certi cations in high-demand career elds while in high school. Upon completion of the program, students are a position to be highly sought after by industry as well as four-year colleges and universities.