• Students in 9th – 11th grade at North Forest High School visited Texas A&M Corpus Christi.  Students had the opportunity to tour campus and learn more about some of the top programs offered at TAMU-CC.  Many students were excited to see “the island campus” and were wowed by how beautiful the campus is.  Some students on the trip shared they were considering adding TAMU-CC to their college list, even though it was “kind of far” away.  Visiting campus was a great way for them to see something in-person they’d only been able to read about online.

    One student said is his trip feedback:

    I really enjoyed the trip to Corpus Christi and that I think we should get more students to come out and get the experience that I had and to open their eyes to opportunities that they are not exposed to. -Darius Fowler

    Another student said…

    The college seems very large but after walking around for a while, I think it’s a medium size college. However, I don’t necessarily care about the college size. I like that the campus was very airy and, like you mentioned, bright. I would have liked to see the residents area but that is another tour apparently. The campus seems really laid back, must be something in the ocean. I’d like to go on more trips like this, I enjoyed walking around the campus and learning about it. -Destiny Lynch