• My students and I had a wonderful time at Prairie View A&M University. For the “Panther Land Day” event on last Saturday. There were different departments chairs that talked to us about Admissions, scholarships, ACT/SAT/TSI testing, student loans and different Summer programs that are offered on campus. We got a tour of the campus, attended a  college major fair and visited the freshmen dormitory. Also, the “Marching Storm Marching Band” perform for us too. It was great to visit P.V. campus and walked down memory lane. I am so amazed that P.V. campus has really grown. Twice as much since I graduated from there in the year of 2004 and 2006. It’s even more beautiful!

    Again, Thank You So Much to You and the College & Readiness Dept.! For the help with providing transportation for us. Our bus driver Mr. Roy did a wonderful job too. He drove us to and from P.V. it was a smooth ride. Lol! I would like to share some pictures with you. Enjoy! 

    Tiffany P. Mouton