• Summer College Tour:  Huston-Tillotson & St. Edwards University

    Students who participated in the latest edition of the Summer College Tours offered by the Department of College Readiness got to visit Huston-Tillotson and St. Edwards University in Austin, Texas.  While on the HT campus, students were able to tour campus and see examples of both suite-style and common-area residence hall options.  They also participated in a campus scavenger hunt that included finding students in various majors and asking them about their experience at HT as well as several important landmarks on campus, like the historical marker at Alumni Hall and bell tower.  Students also enjoyed lunch in the cafeteria before departing to St. Edwards University, a few minutes up the road. 

    While at St. Edwards, students received a campus tour that highlighted a spectacular library, state-of-the-art science facilities, and the famous red doors on Main Building through which students enter for convocation and depart after graduation.  The visit also includes a presentation from the admissions office, where the students learned more about the academic programs and application process, as well as details about financial aid options that can help make the higher “sticker price” of a private institution more affordable.

     Many students on the trip had positive things to say about their experience.  Students shared:

    • I enjoyed both schools so I will be adding them to my list
    • I realized these college tours are very helpful in deciding where to attend college

     For several students, St. Edwards really stuck out at a highlight for them.  They noted:

    • I learned that at St Edwards once you're accepted you're accepted into each school rather than applying to get inside one of the schools
    • St Edwards is a great school. I asked for them to send me more info about it
    • St Edwards is small and really focuses on both the mind and the heart. Will get more individual attention at this school. Also made me think about international studies. Maybe part of my studies will be in a foreign country.