• Summer College Tour:  The University of Texas at Austin

    Students who participated in the Summer College Tour hosted by the Department of College Readiness to visit UT Austin were treated to an amazing experience on campus.  The trip included a campus tour that highlighted many of the state-of-the-art academic facilities across the various disciplines and colleges, including computer science, music and the arts, business, and engineering.  Students were able to eat lunch in one of the main residence hall dining facilities and spend some time interacting with current students at this hub of campus life.  Students also got to hear about the many UT traditions, the excitement that bubbles around campus on Game Day, and the many facilities available to enhance the student life experience – including recreational facilities, intermural sports programs, student organizations and campus activities. The admissions presentation included information on the requirements for admissions as well as tips for applying early and ensuring students didn’t miss out on any of the very strict deadlines enforced as part of the UT process for admissions.  Always a trip highlight, especially for students who fell in love with UT on the trip – the group also got to stop by the Campus Co-Op to pick up a shirt or pennant to show their UT pride.

     Because of the way UT is entwined with the downtown Austin community, students were able to experience what life at an “urban” campus would feel like – a very different experience than most Texas colleges that have closed residential campuses.  For some – a campus like UT is a great fit – for others, it might be too big for them to feel at home.  This captured students attention and as they reflected on the trip students shared…

    • I have a better idea on the environment i want to study in (medium and closed in)
    • My mindset has changed in that I will also consider the environment around me because that can also steer the way that the campus is.

     When asked about what they learned on the trip, students shared…

    • I learned that I can major in Computer Science while getting a certification in screenwriting!!
    • I learned about how a student at UTA would spend their daily life on this campus. I also learned about the admissions process and what it would take to get accepted in this college.

     When asked about how their mindset about their college plans had changed as a result of the trip, two students stated:

    • I will now start applying to college early to take some burden out of my daily life during my senior year
    • At first I was scared that because I am undecided, the college would become less interested in me.  However, it was a relief to find out that the college would work with undecided students and help them out.

     By the end of the visit  - many students could see themselves as Longhorns in the future!  One students stated:

    • I now know my dreams for college can ALL be fulfilled at UT Austin and I am now considering making it my main application school