• Summer College Tour:  Texas A&M University – College Station

    Students from the East and South regions joined the Department of College Readiness on our Summer College Tour to visit Texas A&M University.  Departing from the East Field Office, students make the trek up to College Station where they got to experience life as an Aggie.  The trip included a campus tour that highlighted some of the unique opportunities offered at Texas A&M – specifically the Corps of Cadets and their role on campus, the traditions surrounding Reveille, the campus mascot and the many TAMU traditions that the university is known for… #Howdy!  Students were able to dine in one of the main campus dining halls and even got a chance to stop by the famous Kyle Field and learn one of the many game day chants that new Aggies will learn at their New Student Orientation.  The visit concluded with a trip to the residence halls where students got to see show rooms that illustrated the various housing options, including suite-style, private, and semi-private accommodations.

     When asked about what they learned on the trip, students shared…

    • I learned that the admission requirements to be accepted in A&M focuses on high SAT and ACT scores. I knew they had to be good l, but not that high. However, this encourages me to study and boost my scores to meet the required ones.
    • The community at A&M is very nice and they have so many resources for you to use to better yourself academically.

     Students shared how their college-going mindset had changed as a result of the visit, sharing…

    • My mindset has changed in that I have realized that I need to take action with my plans not just think about them until the opportunities come to me eventually.
    • I plan on attending college and am more likely to go out of the city, which I wasn’t before.
    • To work harder on test scores, & to start applying for scholarships
    • First I was really scared about the whole process but I understand more about scholarships and student aid so it’s not that scary. I’m more excited for college.

     Overall, students loved the trip to Texas A&M and many plan to try and become Aggies next fall…

    • I have always wanted to go to A&M since 3rd grade so for me it just furthered my love for this school.
    • I personally didn’t want to attend any Texas’ universities/colleges but after touring and learning a bit more about I can proudly say that my mindset has changed a lot. Texas A&M is a great school to start off, and the fact that most applicants are admitted by 10% impresses me because not every university does the same. Furthermore, they support you a lot with financial aid as well, so that truly opens my mind towards this school.
    • I think it’s a good fit for me because it’s not too far from home, it has really good financial aid and I actually enjoyed the atmosphere that the students gave off.

     We were joined on this trip by two great folks from the HISD Communications team – so look for something to come from them soon!