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    Shared Decision-Making Committee

    SDMC 2019-2020

    The SDMC Meetings are held quartely in the Library from 4:10 to 5:00 pm unless otherwise noted. 

SDMC Meeting Dates 2019-2020

SDMC Voting Members 2019-2020

Name Title Contact Information
David Knittle Principal dknittle@houstonisd.org
Brittany Jennings Designee, 7th Grade Assistant Principal bjennin1@houstonisd.org
Jefferson Lawrence Teacher, Special Education Jefferson.Lawrence@houstonisd.org
Juana Jaso Teacher, 7th Grade Reading jjaso@houstonisd.org
Amanda Hudson Teacher, 6th Grade Math Amanda.Hudson@houstonisd.org
Maria Salinas Teacher, 7th Grade Math Maria.Salinas2@houstonisd.org
Bertha Rashida Davies Teacher, COED PE bdavies@houstonisd.org
Stephanie Gray Teacher, 8th Grade Math sgray1@houstonisd.org
Elyzabeth Perales Teacher, 6th Grade Science Elyzabeth.Perales@houstonisd.org
David Valentino Professional Staff, Dean of Instruction dvalent1@houstonisd.org
Frances Cortina Professional Staff, Counselor fcortina@houstonisd.org
Darlene Nuñez Paraprofessional, Clerk Darlene.Nunez@houstonisd.org
Fabiola Torres Parent 713-696-2720
Rosario Pena Parent 713-696-2720
Jorge Sanchez Business Member 713-696-2720
Sofia Font Community Member 713-696-2720
Jason Cisneroz Community Member 713-696-2720

SDMC Non-Voting Members 2019-2020

Name Title Contact Information
Ledy Mendez Special Education Dept. Chair lmendez4@houstonisd.org
LaShana Walters Social Studies Dept. Chair lwalter1@houstonisd.org
Joan Fretz Science Dept. Chair jfretz@houstonisd.org
Fermin Plancarte Mathematics Dept. Chair fplancar@houstonisd.org
Laneetra Robinson English Dept. Chair lrobin13@houstonisd.org
Sharon Fry Reading Dept. Chair sfry@houstonisd.org
Alyssa Parsons Electives Dept. Chair Alyssa.Parsons@houstonisd.org
Dr. Mary Velasquez ESL and Foreign Language Dept. Chair mvelasqu@houstonisd.org
Krystal Monique Wilkes Physical Education Dept. Chair kwilkes1@houstonisd.org
Clara Desholes-Bujnoch 6th Grade Excel Cluster Leader cdeshote@houstonisd.org
Enid Velez 6th Grade Dual Language Cluster Leader evelez@houstonisd.org
Ariel Bejko 6th Grade Vanguard Cluster Leader abejko@houstonisd.org
Meghan Grout 7th Grade Excel Cluster Leader mgrout@houstonisd.org
Alexandra Ortiz 7th Grade Dual Language Cluster Leader aortiz@houstonisd.org
Maria Dominguez 7th Grade Vanguard Cluster Leader mdoming6@houstonisd.org
Donald Boyd 8th Grade Excel Cluster Leader dboyd@houstonisd.org
Rebecca Lopez 8th Grade Dual Language Cluster Leader rlopez19@houstonisd.org
Christy Weeks 8th Grade Vanguard Cluster Leader cweeks1@houstonisd.org
Cassandra Sandoval Special Education Representative csandov2@houstonisd.org