HISD Strategy & Innovation
  • Dr. Rick Cruz

    Dr. Rick Cruz
    Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer

    Vision: To increase not only equity in educational outcomes, but also the competitiveness of all HISD students as prepared Global Graduates.

    David Johnston

    David Johnston
    Executive Director of College Readiness

    Vision: To enhance college options for all HISD students, making the application and financial aid processes easy, accessible, and impactful.

    Mike Love

    Mike Love
    Executive Director of Career Readiness

    Vision: To guide all HISD students in the discovery of their passions, empowering them to not only graduate feeling prepared, but to also reach their highest career potential.

    Candice Castillo

    Candice Castillo
    Executive Director of Equity & Outreach

    Vision: To empower HISD students by investing in the whole child, maximizing academic outcomes by dedicating resources to non-academic needs.

    Dr. Jharrett Bryantt

    Dr. Jharrett Bryantt
    Executive Director of
    Innovation & Postsecondary Programming

    Vision: To ensure that all HISD students graduate as competitive and informed college, career, or military applicants, empowered with the knowledge and tools necessary for success.

    Justin Fuentes

    Justin Fuentes
    Executive Director of School Choice

    Vision: To make school options and programs accessible to all students, regardless of the neighborhood they live in or their socioeconomic status.

    Glenda Calloway

    Glenda Calloway
    Executive Director of Counseling & Compliance

    Vision: To ensure that all students have the support and resources necessary to graduate on-time, entering the college or career pathway of their choice.



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