Miles Ahead Scholars

Program Year
Desired Outcomes

9th Grade
  • 100% of scholars end freshman year with a 3.5 GPA or higher
  • 100% of scholars have joined and actively participated in 1 extracurricular activity per year
  • 100% of scholars visit regional colleges

10th Grade
  • 100% of scholars hit the college board college-ready metrics for 10th graders on the PSAT
  • 100% of scholars enroll in and earn credit for 1+ college credit-bearing courses (Advanced Placement and Dual-Credit)
  • 100% of scholars visit state colleges

11th Grade
  • 80% of schools on college list are matched schools
  • 100% of juniors reach a 1200+ on the SAT
  • 100% of scholars visit national colleges

12th Grade
  • 100% of scholars matriculate to Match or Reach Schools
  • 100% of scholars receive a 3+ on an AP Exam
  • 100% of scholars participate in a professional internship

    Selectivity simply speaks to the academic competitiveness of the institution. The Selective and Selective plus category of institutions encompasses a wide variety of institutions including Historically Black Colleges and Universities as well as Hispanic-Serving Institutions. We prioritize college list-building on the following 4 criteria:
    Academic Match Academic Match
    Graduation Rates Graduation Rates
    College Affordability College Affordability
    College Fit College Fit (Social | Geographic | Diversity)