Miles Ahead Scholars

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  • In-School Seminar Cohort Model In-School Seminar Cohort Model
    The students in the MAS Program will receive daily lessons that are directly aligned to the program outcomes.The learning cohort will strengthen the scholar's peer to peer relationships and provide a strong network of support, encouragement, and accountability. Students in the MAS Program will receive one english and one math support course per semester in their cohorts. MAS Students in English will explore multicultural competency and 21st century masculinity while in Math exploring statistics from a social justice and economic standpoint.
  • Academic Intervention and Enrichment Academic Intervention and Enrichment
    To support the development of a strong academic profile, MAS scholars will receive academic intervention and enrichment from Instructional Specialists to ensure that they maintain a competitive high school GPA, are eligible and prepared for rigorous college-level work such as AP classes and dual credit, and have a competitive academic profile that qualifies them for admission to our nation’s top colleges and universities.
  • Mentorship & Developmental Programming Mentorship & Developmental Programming
    MAS scholars will receive mentorship from men of color in the community who can share their personal and professional experiences in college and the workforce and can serve as mirrors of possibility for our boys.
  • College & Career Counseling College & Career Counseling
    MAS Scholars will receive both group and individual advising from MAS Program Managers. Students will have regular 1-on-1 advising sessions. The advising conversations between the MAS Program Managers and the MAS Scholars will serve as a time to check in on the students’ academic, social, and emotional well-being, and directly coach students on and hold them accountable to hitting all milestones necessary to be competitive for and admitted to our nation’s top colleges. Advising conversations will include supporting students in finding and attending student programming offered outside of school and advising students towards a post-secondary option that aligns to their interests and best supports their future career goals.