• Lesson plans serve as a framework for the learning activities that will occur in the classroom each day. They focus the class on specific learning objectives and maximize instructional time. The lesson plan is the tool effective teachers use to ensure that each part of a lesson supports a specified learning objective and to ensure that the activities and time spent will lead students to master content and skills.

    Lesson planning provides time for the teacher to think through resources that will best capture the attention of students and choose learning activities that will clearly convey content required for students to meet the lesson objectives. Effective teachers use lesson plans as a reflective opportunity to make decisions on what activities will best meet the needs of students and to predict/plan reactions to student challenges. When teachers take the time to create detailed plans, they are more likely to present content and skills to students that are objective driven, well-paced, clear, and lead students to mastery. Effective lesson planners plan backwards. This best practice is reflected in the backwards approach in the steps below.

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