Questions Addressed

    • How can I get to know students' personal stories?
    • How can I discover information about each student's literacy?
    • How can I monitor my students' progress?

Why It Works

    • There is great diversity in students’ literacy skills. Get to Know Me tools include surveys, quick writes, and creative assignments.
    • Knowing the students as individual learners helps teachers plan more meaningful lessons.
    • Researchers confirm that students learn more when teachers give specific, timely feedback and an opportunity to improve based on that feedback.

Suggested Strategies

How to Implement This Routine

  • Get to know students' personal stories, learning histories, and preferences.

  • Discover and document information about literacy status.

  • Create student learner profiles.

  • Assess students' prior knowledge for each unit.

  • Plan extra support or extension.

  • Monitor progress.

Tech Tools