• Pen/cil to Paper

    ELPS 1B, 1C, 1F, All of Strand 5
    IP Rubric I-2, I-4, I-6, I-8

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Questions Addressed

    • How can I use writing to help my students learn?
    • How can I get them to generate their own ideas?
    • How can I help them remember new information?

Why It Works

    • Informal writing may be thought of as “writing to learn” rather than “learning to write.”
    • Students internalize new learning, make connections, and develop academic language through writing.
    • It provides a way for us to better assess our students’ understanding of content and academic language.

Suggested Strategies

How to Implement This Routine

  • Plan for informal writing throughout the lesson.

  • Prepare for writing with structured conversations.

  • Scaffold with stems and frames.

  • Model new “writing to learn” tasks.

  • Circulate and coach as students write.

  • Scan student writing.

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