Questions Addressed

    • How can I help my students read difficult texts?
    • How do I help them remember what they read?
    • How can I motivate them to read with purpose?

Why It Works

    • Students build reading competence and confidence as they read a variety of challenging but comprehensible texts in each content area.
    • Students are able to make sense of more challenging text with teacher scaffolding, frequent processing, and peer support.
    • A research-based pre-reading ritual prepares students to integrate new information, and the gradual release model provides scaffolding before students are released to read independently.

Suggested Strategies

How to Implement This Routine

  • Select texts carefully.

  • Read text closely

  • Lead a pre-reading ritual.

  • Gradually release reading to students.

  • Guide students to process each chunk.

  • Re-focus and reconnect after reading.

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