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  • Welcome High School Students!!!

    This summer discover new things through fun camps and activities offered throughout the city of Houston. Engage in exciting events and find the right summer fun for you by clicking on the icons or titles below!

    When you click on icons or titles below, a new page will open with a new website or a flyer that with more information. 

    Students who attend will have a chance to learn new ideas and information while having fun with friends.

Upcoming Events

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Summer Enrichment Activities


     Summer Book Club


    Success Principles for Teens Workshop

    Come out and join the Success Principles workshop made especially for teens. Some of the topics will include understanding your why to find your purpose, developing long-term and short term goals, overcoming fear and other everyday barriers, and building a positive reputation for the future.

    Online / Face-to-Face

      Grades 9 - 12




    Career Exploration Virtual Camp

    Using the Self-Directed Search System, participants will be grouped into small groups based upon their career track, functioning, and age. They will then
    engage in fun, specific to that career track, designed to expose them to the soft and hard skills, job market conditions, and availability of those careers.
      Online   Grades 6-12


     Virtual Junior Parent Nights


    Launch IGNITE: Virtual Junior Parent Nights

    This live webinar will provide parents and students with tools to engage in proactive preparation for college discovery. Specially, students and parents will leave with a better understanding of how to properly prepare for the college search process and receive resources geared toward financing a college education.
      Online   Grade 11


     Launch Senior


    Launch Senior

    Summer Bootcamp (see campuses for details). Find out what you can do now to get ready for college!
      Online   Grade 12


     New York Times


    NYT Summer Reading Contest

    If you are looking for ways to increase your “voice and choice,” we hope our open-ended contest can help! High school students are invited to tell us what they’re reading in The Times and why. Every week, choose something in The Times that has piqued your interest, and then tell us why. At the end of the week, judges from the Times newsroom pick their favorite responses, and we publish them. It’s that simple!

    Grades 6-12


    Houston Public Library Camp Stream


    Houston Public Library Camp Stream

    Join Camp Stream hosted by The Houston Public Library's (HPL) where students will camp virtually. Campers will use provided STREAM kits to follow instructors via live streams or at their own pace.
      Online   Grades K-12


     Houston Public Library


    Houston Public Library Program & Activities

    Get Ready to Read! Students will earn a book just for signing up and reading.
      Online / Face-to-Face   Grades K-12


     Scholastic Summer Reading


    Scholastic Summer Reading Program

    Home Base is your destination for characters, games, stories, and your fellow fans. Make new friends as you explore islands from the books you love!
      Online   Grades K-12




    Learn to Swim at Houston Parks Aquatic Centers

    Ready, set, swim! Learn to swim or become a better swimmer with the H2OSafe Program! Free classes to all are offered at various skill levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Registration is on a “first come, first served” basis during specified registration periods.
      Face-to-Face   Grades K-12


    first tree


    First Tee Junior Golf

    Attention 7 to 18 year olds! Join First Tee to be engaged in character development, healthy habits, and life skills, using the game of golf.
      Face-to-Face   Grades 1-12




    Houston Youth Tennis Program

    Want to play tennis? Learn developmental skills starting this summer, and you can continue to improve your skills all year round. Ask your parent or guardian to register you online. Participants are encouraged to take part in additional play opportunities including the annual Holiday Cheer Tennis Tournament in December.
      Face-to-Face   Grades K-12


    Miller Outdoor Theater Logo


    Performances at Miller Outdoor Theater

    The Miller Outdoor Theater is open from March through November and hosts a range of performances including classical music, ballet, dance, film, Shakespeare and more. Have family fun outdoors!
      Face-to-Face   Parents and Students